Lemon Button Fern 4" Pot

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All plants come in a plastic pot insert. Planters and other pots are not included.

Lemon Button Fern 4" pot. Available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs: The 4” pot has a combined height of 12”. The 6” pot has a combined height of 22”.

ABOUT LEMON BUTTON FERN: The Lemon Button Fern, or Nephrolepis cordifolia, is a type of sword fern from the same family as Jester’s Crown. Lemon Button Ferns are easy to grow and have beautiful, small leaves that add an attractive forest look to your home. This fern is a great choice for smaller spaces like apartments or cozy offices, because of its adaptability and compactness.

LIKES: Lemon Button Ferns prefer higher humidity areas, like a kitchen or bathroom, but a spritz with water once in a while can replicate that humidity. They’ll be happiest in indirect light or light filtered through curtains. Lemon Button Ferns can also grow in low-light areas but will grow slower.

DISLIKES: Don’t let your Lemon Button Fern sit in waterlogged soil for extended periods of time, to avoid root rot.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Ferns are known for filtering air pollutants and Lemon Button Fern, in particular, is a favorite because it helps raise humidity and produces a pleasant citrusy smell during the growing period.

LOOKING AFTER THE PLANT: Lemon Button Ferns are easy to care for. Water regularly enough to keep the soil lightly moist, and mist with water a few times a week to keep it humid. Lemon Button Ferns do well in any size container that gives it room to grow but look especially nice in hanging pots.

PLANT CARE WITH PETS AND CHILDREN: Lemon Button Ferns are non-toxic to pets and children.


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