Pothos Golden 4" Pot

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All plants come in a plastic pot insert. Planters and other pots are not included.

ABOUT POTHOS “GOLDEN”: Pothos “Golden” is a unique variety of the iconic vining plant that has golden-yellow variegation on the heart-shaped leaves that Pothos is known for. It’s also just as simple to grow and just as resilient as other Pothos, making it a great choice for beginner gardeners.

DETAILS: This plant is available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs: The 4” pot has a combined height of 12”. The 6” pot has a combined height of 22”.

LIKES: Like all Pothos, “Golden” is simple to care for. It prefers moderate, indirect light but will survive bright or low light. They’re also happy in a wide range of temperatures, as long as it’s above 50 F.

DISLIKES: Overwatering is a Pothos’ greatest enemy. It would much prefer to be underwatered than overwatered, as overwatering can cause root rot.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Pothos is one of the most effective air filtering plants you can get, and it even absorbs CO2 at night, unlike other plants.

LOOKING AFTER THE PLANT: Be sure your Pothos isn’t in direct light to avoid burning, and water it once the soil is dry, and your plant should stay happy and healthy! If pests appear, a spray of neem oil should be enough to take care of them.

PLANT CARE WITH PETS AND CHILDREN: Pothos are toxic to both humans and animals if ingested.


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