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The Bath Soak from Wildcraft softens, calms and hydrates skin while relaxing the senses. Anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile and calendula help to relieve itchy and dehydrated skin, while the smell of lavender and patchouli essential oils fills the air, providing aromatherapy benefits. 80% organic. vegan. cruelty-free. Gently rejuvenates while encouraging increased hydration- Helps calm dry and irritated skin- Creates a spa environment ideal for relaxation. Scent profile: Sweet, earthy and floral. Tip: For extra benefit, steep the bag in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes. Pour steeped water and bag into bathwater. Can be used in combination with Epsom salts.

How to Use:  Fill organic cotton muslin bag (included) with 1/2 a cup of herbs and flowers. Tighten drawstring and place in the bath as water is running. When finished, empty contents into compost and allow the bag to dry for re-use. Contains four uses.

Ingredients: Rose flowers*Lavender flowers*Chamomile flowers*Calendula flowersMarshmallow root*Patchouli* and Lavender* essential oils* organic

Size: 480ml


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