Calathea Roseopicta Medallion 6" Pot

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All plants come in a plastic pot insert. Planters and other pots are not included.

Calathea Roseopicta Medallion 6" pot. Comes in two sizes — 4” and 6” — and will arrive in a nursery pot.

About Calathea Roseopicta ´Medallion´: Calathea roseopicta , more commonly known as the Rose-painted Calathea or Peacock plant, is a flamboyant ornamental plant native to Northwest Brazil. It’s an evergreen perennial with large rounded leaves, decorated with deep green and lime stripes. The plant is known for the splashes of pink stripes that look “painted” across its leaves — hence the name. The leaves also have feathered margins, making them look like oversized quills. Because of its over-the-top but elegant aesthetic, the plant is widely cultivated. It also gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

Likes: Since they naturally live in the rainforests, they like a humid environment.

Dislikes: The Peacock plant doesn’t like direct sunlight. HEALTH BENEFITS The plant is a natural air purifier and will improve the oxygen level of your home or office.

Looking after the plant: Place your plant in a shaded corner, but give it a good dose of filtered light. This will keep your plant healthy and their leaves vibrant. If you’re taking care of your plant indoors, it’s best to keep it in the bedroom or the living room, so you can make the most of its health benefits. The plant is used to the warmth and humidity of Central and South America, so make sure to mimic that condition. Mist your Peacock plant often. This will keep it healthy and will get rid of the accumulated dust. Just make sure to mist your plant in the morning so the excess moisture can evaporate throughout the day. Too much of anything is bad, and in this case, excess moisture will make your plant soggy. They want their soil to be moist. Wait for the topsoil to completely dry in between watering. However, make sure your pot has enough drainage holes to avoid root rot.

Plant care with pets and children: The Peacock plant is non-toxic to humans and animals.


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