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Celestial Rose Creme

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The Celestial Rose Creme from Tammy Fender is a velvety balm that melts into the skin, providing rich nutritive benefits and creating a petal-soft barrier to help shield skin from environmental conditions. Designed to rehydrate and de-stress the skin. Skin Type: Suited for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Key Ingredients + Product Highlights: Rose - Nature’s most precious essential oil. A legendary rejuvenator, revered for its complex array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Traditionally used to help repair tissue damage and strengthen weakened skin. Hibiscus - Natural source of AHAs, promotes regeneration, helps increase elasticity and minimizing pores. Boasts both soothing properties and antioxidants, which can assist in defending skin from free radical damage. Carrot Seed Oil - With high concentrations of Vitamin A, helps protect skin from sun damage, encouraging resilience, while revitalizing and renewing the complexion. Helps smooth and soften the skin, boosting moisture retention. Orange Blossom Honey - Calming and soothing, aids in reducing inflammation. Supports rapid repair of wounds or burns. Kakadu Plum - Native to Australia and bursting with antioxidant rich Vitamin-C, protecting skin from environmental stressors and premature aging. Manuka Honey - Helps boost the immune system, while working as an anti-inflammatory, and supporting the preservation of skin tissue. Matricaria - Promotes circulation and helps calm and re-balance the skin; bolsters moisture retention. Rosehip Seed Oil - Abundant in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, helps strengthen collagen and aids in the repair of broken capillaries and scar tissue. Enhances skin’s elasticity, which further helps reduce fine lines. Benefits: A moisturizing cream, calming and protecting skin. Soothes sensitivities, irritation or redness. Helps shield skin from harsh environmental conditions
Locks in hydration and rich nutrient.

Size: 1.7oz/47g

Made in the US.

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