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Ceremonial Matcha Latte Powder

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Pure Ceremonial Matcha + Almond Powder Latte Creamer
Create frothy, creamy, delicious, plant based matcha lattes every day with our Ceremonial Matcha Latte Powder.
One of a kind MatchaBar ceremonial grade matcha meets Goodmylk Co. almond latte creamer to create a seamless blend of flavor and convenience. 20 servings of blended matcha + creamer included in this tin.
MatchaBar proudly sources their own blend of Ceremonial Grade matcha from their partner in Kagoshima, Japan. Each harvest is blended in small batches by a grade 10 certified “Chasi” tea master (one of only 13 in the world.)
Almond Creamer: Crafted from just sprouted almonds, Himalayan salt, and maple sugar, Goodmylk Co. almond creamer is a one of a kind product perfect for creating frothy, MatchaBar quality lattes at home, office, or on the go.
20 Servings Per Tin*Staff favorite

Ceremonial Matcha
Sprouted Almonds
Maple Sugar
Himalayan Salt

How to use
Electric Whisk Instructions: Scoop one heaping tablespoon into 8oz of water. Dip the electric whisk into the glass and begin whisking. Whisk for 20-30 seconds, raising on lowering the whisk head to whip the top, creating froth. Let the latte sit for 60 seconds, a frothy top will form. 
Instructions for Blender: Scoop one heaping tablespoon into a blender combined with 8 oz of water. Blend on high for 20-30 seconds. Turn blender off, pour immediately. Let the latte sit for 10 seconds in the glass, a perfect frothy top will form.
Spoon Stir Instructions: Scoop one heaping tablespoon into hot or cold water. Stir vigorously, remember you're using real ingredients here! Stir for 20-30 seconds. Let the latte sit for 60 seconds, a frothy top will form. If small particles appear, this is completely normal, just give it another stir!

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