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Cereus Forbesii Spiralis

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The Cereus Forbesii 'Spiralis' is a rare cultivar of the Cereus forbesii prized for it's spiral growth habit. When grown from seed, the Spiralis won't start twisting until it reaches a height of 3-4" tall. Please note: Every plant will vary in size, color and shape from the one pictured. Planter is not included. Plant ships bare root.

16 x 2

The Spiralis should be grown in a mix of direct and indirect sun and dry conditions. During the grow season, it should be watered thoroughly, when the soil is dry. During cold, winter months, it should be left to dry between waterings and watered sparingly. Also check your local weather before watering indoor arid plants in winter. It is best to water if there is a stretch of sunshine in the forecast.

Found in Cereus forbesii. Cereus peruvianus.

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