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The Deep Serum from Noto is a nutrient dense drink from the earth. This Deep Serum rich in hydration. Anti  agmgimanaging elements and fresh notes that will deeply penetrate skin and senses. You will glow. Comes in two packaging 2oz or 1oz.

Apply wherever a dose of deep hydration is desired.  Add a few drops on clean hands, breathe in the aroma, then massage into skin. This serum can replace your normal moisturizer or may be added as extra hydration benefits.  Apply to lip area or layer extra amounts onto skin at night for a restorative treatment.

Size: 2oz and 1oz

Grapeseed, Marula, Rosehip seed, Sea Buckthorn, Pink Grapefruit Oil, Wild Carrot Seed Oil, Green Coffee Oil. Made in the US.

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