Dracaena Song of India 4" Pot

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All plants come in a plastic pot insert. Planters and other pots are not included.

ABOUT DRACAENA “SONG OF INDIA”: Dracaena reflexa, or “Song of India”, is an upright-growing houseplant with smooth and narrow leaves that have yellow borders, and an appearance somewhat similar to a small tree. The exotic look of this plant caused it to gain the nickname “Dragon Tree.”

DETAILS: This plant is available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs: The 4” pot has a combined height of 12”. The 6” pot has a combined height of 22”.

LIKES: Dracaena “Song of India” prefers bright but indirect light, warm temperatures, and high humidity.

DISLIKES: This plant is famous for being easy to take care of but overwatering can cause root rot.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Most Dracaena are considered top air-purifying plants, and “Song of India” is no different!

LOOKING AFTER THE PLANT: Watering should be done when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch during spring and summer, but less frequently in winter, around every two weeks or so. Misting can help replicate humidity, or you can place your pot in a dish of water filled with rocks.

PLANT CARE WITH PETS AND CHILDREN: All Dracaena are considered toxic to pets and children.


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