English Ivy Green California 2" Pot

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All plants come in a plastic pot insert. Planters and other pots are not included.

English Ivy Green California 2" pot. This plant is available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs: The 2” pot has a combined height of 6”. The 4” pot has a combined height of 12”.

About English Ivy “Green California”: English Ivy is a classic plant often seen climbing the sides of buildings, but it also makes an excellent addition to a home or office. “Green California” is a variety of English Ivy that is distinguished by the consistent deep green color on its leaves.

Likes: English Ivy is an easy-to-grow family of plants, and “Green California” is no different. This variety prefers bright light and regular fertilizing and can withstand underwatering easily.

Dislikes: If not given enough light, your “Green California” will wilt and appear sickly. Overwatering will also cause issues for your English Ivy.

Health benefits: English Ivy is considered a high-quality air purifier, so it’s a great choice for the bedroom or office.

Looking after the plant: You should water your “Green California” only when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Water-soluble fertilizer should be applied once a month in every season except winter.

Plant care with pets and children: All types of English Ivy are toxic to pets and children and should be placed out of reach.


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