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Ficus Elastica Pot

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The Ficus elastica aka rubber plant can grow up to 100 feet tall. Not to worry, as an indoor plant it usually caps off at around 8 feet. The ficus is loved for its attractive, ovular foliage setting a unique tone with its moody maroon-green color. Remarkably adaptable and easy to care for, Ficus elastica makes an excellent large statement plant that doesn’t demand a plant pro’s attention to stay alive. Width: 10"

When in doubt, don't water. The easiest way to kill a ficus is over watering. They an withstand a bit of drought just be sure to water thoroughly if dry. Fertilize: In Spring and summer, fertilize once a month with an organic houseplant fertilizer.
Water your rubber plant when the soil starts to dry out. Feel the soil down to about two inches and if it feels like a wrung out sponge, it’s safe to water. If leaves high up on the plant start to drop, dial back on watering. Water less often during the winter, as the soil will dry out slower.

Found in Southern Asia.

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