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Fittonia Red Pot

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Fittonia ‘Red’ is a Peruvian native known for its mosaic-like leaves covered in pink-red veins. Its common name, 'Nerve plant' comes from its dramatic habit of drooping visibly when it’s thirsty. A lover of rainforest-like humidity, this little plant is great for terrariums and hanging baskets in the bathroom or near a humidifier.

Sun: Fittonia ‘Red’ prefers medium to bright indirect light. Don’t let the leaves receive too much direct sunlight, since that can burn them. Place this plant on an east or north facing window sill, or hang it nearby. If you have south or west facing windows, place a couple of feet away from the window and or provide shade with a sheer curtain. They can tolerate lower light conditions but can become leggy if they don’t get enough light. They may also lose the brilliant red color if not enough light is provided.

Water: Allow the soil to dry to 2 inches down between waterings. Water thoroughly when dry and let the excess drain out the bottom of the planter. Water more often during the spring and summer months. Reduce watering as often in the fall and winter months.
Water with room temperature water, so you don’t shock your Nerve Plant.

Fittonia ‘Red’ are easily propagated by stem tip cuttings. The cutting should have at least two nodes on the stem. Take the leaf off of the lower node and leave a leaf on the upper one. Place the stem in a glass of water, making sure no leaves are in the water. Plant in a small pot when the roots are at least two inches long. Regularly water the newly-potted cutting. The soil should be just barely moist to the touch at all times Fertilize: Fertilize once every two weeks during the active growing season. This is limited to spring and summer in temperate climates.

Size: Approx. 5-6" tall x 4-5" at the widest point of the foliage. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.
Origin: Native to Peru.

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