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Intensive Repair Balm

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The Intensive Repair Balm from Tammy Fender treats damaged skin, blending traditional herbal remedies such as Helichrysum, White Lily and Lotus. This cream is their best-selling and most requested formula, sealing in moisture with a dewy, protective veil. Skin Type: Suited for damaged skin, and beneficial to all skin types. Key Ingredients With Product. Highlights: Chamomile: A vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory agent, helps reduce redness and irritation
of the skin, while also encouraging gentle, healing circulation and regeneration. Used for centuries to soothe and heal sensitive or dry skin, sunburns and to reduce discoloration and puffiness around tired eyes. Helichrysum: Renowned for its capacity to help stimulate new growth, helping to heal scars and strengthen skin’s tissue, promoting an increased elasticity. Used in traditional practices to move stagnant chi energy. Lotus Leaf: An ancient source of regeneration, containing antioxidants, flavonoids, essential fatty acids and natural AHAs. Proteins help repair skin strength and structure, restoring elasticity, and enlivening the complexion. Milk Thistle: Rich source of omega-6 fatty acids. Can help serve as a natural alternative to silicone, restoring a soft, replenished appearance in the complexion. Benefits: Supplies mega-dose of essential healing nutrients. Promotes intense hydration. Increases circulation to speed the healing process. Tightens connective tissue. Calms and nourishes inflamed skin

Size: 1.7oz/47g

Made in the US.

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