Japanese Black Pine Tree Bonsai DIY Planting Kit

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Japanese black pine tree bonsai DIY planting kit. Includes everything you need for a DIY bonsai: a terra-cotta pot, Japanese Black Pine Tree seeds, a propagation cover, a small bag of compost, and an instructional booklet.

About Japanese Black Pine Tree Bonsai: Practice the art of bonsai with your very own Japanese Black Pine Tree Bonsai! This kit provides everything you’ll need to start growing the most iconic variety of bonsai. The Black Pine is a fast grower that tolerates rough conditions and is commonly grown in parks and gardens in Japan.

Likes: Once established, your Black Pine Bonsai can be placed outside in full sun. Refer to the included instructional booklet for more details.

Dislikes: Black Pine Trees are known for being seriously hardy, but they are vulnerable to overwatering. Refer to the included instructional booklet for more details.

Health benefits: Caring for a bonsai tree can be very relaxing and fulfilling, so this is a great choice to reduce stress.

Looking after the plant: Refer to the included instructional booklet for full details on how to grow a healthy Black Pine Bonsai.

Plant care with pets and children: Keep your Black Pine Bonsai out of reach of pets and children to avoid damage to your carefully cultivated art, but it is not considered toxic if ingested.


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