Alima Pure

Loose Mineral Eyeshadow

$ 14.40

Cimarron - Pearluster
Paloma - Satin Matte
Mohair - Satin Matte
Pollen - Satin Matte
Sage - Satin Matte
Cobalt - Satin Matte
Thistle - Satin Matte
Ube - Satin Matte
Gazelle - Luminous Shimmer
Auburn - Satin Matte
Taupe - Pearluster
Fawn - Satin Matte
Chai - Luminous Shimmer
Silk - Pearluster
Paris - Luminous Shimmer
Venus - Luminous Shimmer
Fleur - Satin Matte
Champagne - Pearluster
Bone - Satin Matte
Breathless - Pearluster
Lana - Luminous Shimmer
Camellia - Satin Matte
Bramble - Satin Matte
Grace - Pearluster
Black Orchid - Luminous Shimmer
Lilac - Satin Matte
Raven - Satin Matte
Black Violet - Satin Matte
Carnevale - Luminous Shimmer
Black - Satin Matte
Espresso - Satin Matte
Cappuccino - Pearluster
Mahogany - Satin Matte
Tigereye - Luminous Shimmer
Brown Sugar - Luminous Shimmer
Camel - Pearluster
Blonde - Satin Matte
Leone - Luminous Shimmer
Glow - Pearluster
Cypress - Pearluster

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Richly-pigmented and versatile, our Loose Mineral Eyeshadow come in three finishes, each with buildable coverage that can be customized to be subtle or bold. Luminous Shimmer has a sparkling, metallic finish. Pearluster has a glowing, iridescent finish. Satin Matte has a creamy matte finish that is beautiful on eyes and can also be used in brows thanks to its matte finish. Each can be applied dry for subtle color payoff. They can also be applied damp or with Eye Primer for more saturated color payoff. Shelf life: 60 months before opening. 36 months after opening. Pearluster and Luminous Shimmer - 0.06 oz. / 1.75 g. Satin Matte - 0.07 oz. / 2 g.

Made in the USA.

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