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Multi Hatchet Knit Socks

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The Multi Hatchet Knit Socks from Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co. Our yellow "mountain" socks are inspired by the original rock climbing pioneers, and the unimaginable mountains they conquered. Designed with colors to to represent the cliffs and cracks they traversed, while also paying homage to the original clothing and equipment used by the brave adventurers. The red knit "river" socks are inspired by the changing colors of rivers and the wildlife that inhabit them; the shimmer off the water's surface and the deep pink tones of the trout and salmon. The green "forest" socks are inspired by the beauty and lushness of the world's forests. The combination of colors represents the many shades of greens, blues, and browns, that make up these vast and wild spaces.These Custom knit socks are made in Japan specially for Hatchet Outdoor Supply

Suplier color: Red, Green and Yellow


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