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Oily & Active Gentleman's Treatment Kit

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The Oily & Active Gentleman's Treatment Kit from Tammy Fender. Clarify and deeply cleanse oily, blemish-prone or overactive skin with a customized 3-week supply of holistic formulations, each created to harmonize the skin naturally without over-drying the complexion. Cleansing Gel - Purifying and fresh, this invigorating herbal facial wash with Spearmint and Alfalfa Leaf thoroughly cleanses oily or overactive skin. Essential C Tonic - An exhilarating herbal toner to refresh the skin from Tammy Fender. With a revitalizing blend of Ginseng and an effervescent trio of citrus essences—Bergamot, Orange Peel and Grapefruit—bring a bright burst of Vitamin-C to this antioxidant-rich herbal tonic, whisking away dullness. Clarifying Dermagel - This innovative, lightweight gel was created to help treat blemish-prone skin with a combination of herbal remedies known for their antiseptic properties, including Thyme, Tea Tree and Myrrh. At the same time, hydrating Aloe helps maintain balance. Epi-Peel - A true powerhouse, this award-winning formula—made with invigorating Moroccan Rosemary and Far West Native Spearmint—works as a micro-exfoliator, a facial mask and a natural peel all-in-one. Its mineral-rich Kaolin Clay base deeply cleanses, while a gentle resurfacing action whisks away dullness, refining the pores, and illuminating the complexion. Antioxidant Creme - An uplifting daytime moisturizer from Tammy Fender, with Neroli and Sweet Orange, nourishing skin with an abundance of nutrients. Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil - This light body oil is a well-loved favorite, richly nourishing and hydrating, bringing a supple radiance and softness to the skin. Those who love this formula describe its scent of pure Lavender as clean, serene and exquisite.

Size: Cleansing Gel (1 oz), Essential C Tonic (1 oz), Clarifying Dermagel (.25 oz), Epi-Peel (.85 oz), Antioxidant Creme(.85 oz), Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil (1 oz)

Made in the US.

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