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The Plant Milk from Tammy Fender is a unique, milky emulsion of botanical extracts, created to nurture and soothe delicate and sensitive skin with a wealth of remedies revered for their ability to calm irritation and redness. As a whole-plant formulation, it utilizes the seed, root, leaf, petal and fruit of precious and potent traditional plant remedies such as White Lily, Mountain Arnica and Milk Thistle. This silky serum is a versatile day treatment to wear under a favorite cream or on its own, imparting a dewy sheen to the skin. Skin Type: Suited for all skin types. Key Ingredients + Product Highlights: White Lily - In traditional herbalism, used to help relieve stressed skin, aiding in the creation of a hydrating, protective veil, preserving skin’s moisture with a dewy freshness. Useful in helping to treat irritations and in helping heal burns and wounds. Milk Thistle - Rich source of omega-6 fatty acids. Can help serve as a natural alternative
to silicone, restoring a soft, replenished appearance in the complexion. Mountain Arnica - Celebrated in traditional herbalism as a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory that soothes irritation, rashes and sunburns. Coconut Milk - Ample with fatty-acids, bountiful nutrients and natural proteins, which can help reverse damage; reduces redness and cools agitation; supports improved elasticity. Benefits: Strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier against environmental stressors. Soothes and rebalances sensitive and distressed skin. Nourishes skin. Supports skin’s tissue at the deepest levels. Envelops skin in nurturing softness.

Size: 1oz/30g

Made in the US.

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