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Pure Almond Mylk Concentrate

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This product does NOT ship to the UK or Canada


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Just Like Homemade!
Our 10 oz GM Concentrates were created for the human who has every intention of making homemade alt-mylk, but none of the time.
Don't worry, we've got you. 
Homemade, creamy and pure Almond Mylk for you and your loved ones. Simply thaw, add water and stir. Within seconds you'll have 32 oz of velvety, nutty almond mylk for your favorite smoothies, foamy lattes and cookie dipping.
6-Pack contains: 6 packs of frozen fresh concentrate, each makes 32 oz of fresh Goodmylk
As always; you'll never find binders, fillers, gums or preservatives in our products. Only 100% organic, real food ingredients.

Pure: Certified Organic Sprouted Almonds, Alkaline water, Ancient Mineral Salt (Yes, thats it!)

How to use
Step 1: Place your GM packet in the refrigerator to thaw the night before you want to use it. (Can run under cool water for faster thawing).
Step 2: Empty your thawed packet into your favorite reusable container.
Step 3: Add 22 ounces of water, stir.
Step 4: Enjoy.
Refrigerate and use within 5 days. Repeat!

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