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Pure Eir Original: fresh as a breeze scent. Mother Earth’s sanitizer for hands and surfaces. While 65.7% alcohol ensures an uber clean, calendula infused olive oil works to soften and soothe your skin with each application. Swirled with powerful essential oils for added antiviral and antimicrobial properties, Pure Eir provides an aromatic calm with each zesty, citrus-scented spritz – a faithful companion for those times when soap and water are not nearby.
If you're looking for a lower alcohol content please see our all-natural freshening spray Fresh Eir. Ethyl Alcohol - 65.7% by volume. Artisanal 190 proof grain alcohol, locally sourced, with a lighter scent than its cousin Isopropyl alcohol. *Calendula Infused Olive Oil - Olive oil has been used for centuries to soften and soothe dry or irritated skin. Infused with calendula, known for its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Cypress Oil - Studies have shown that Cypress oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities. Also known to fight bacteria on the skin. Sweet Orange Oil - With its antibacterial and antioxidant qualities, the scent of sweet orange aids in calming anxiety and uplifting the mind and spirit. Eucalyptus - This essential oil has antimicrobial properties; some studies show it may even be effective as a natural antibiotic. *Witch Hazel - Various studies have concluded that the tannins in witch hazel have a high efficacy in fighting germs, including the common flu. Size: 2 oz. Vegan.

All skin types.

Ethyl alcohol, calendula infused olive oil, cypress oil, sweet orange oil, eucalyptus, witch hazel. Imported.

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