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Sansevieria Cylindrica Boncel

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Sansevieria cylindrica 'boncel' is a fan-shaped Sansevieria specie that grows spikes from the central point of the plant. The boncel prefers bright sun, warm temperatures, and low humidity.  Sansevieria prefer bright light, ideally four to six hours of full sun. They will grow in light shade but will grow at a slower rate. This plant is low-maintenance from a watering standpoint. Allow soil to dry out completely in between waterings then water thoroughly, fully saturating the soil.

6 x 8.

Sansevieria cylindrica boncel will grow 'pups' from rhizome roots that can be removed and propagated to grow on their own. Fertilize: Fertilize once every two weeks during the active growing season. This is limited to spring and summer in temperate climates.

Found in Angola.

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