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Massage SCRUB onto dry skin to manually and biochemically exfoliate dead skin cells. Allow formula to penetrate the skin for an additional 3-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water (and sea sponge if desired) to reveal smooth, radiant skin. Contains ingredients known to help unclog pores, promote cellular turnover, stimulate collagen production and increase penetrability of other products. Contains alpha-hydroxy acids; sun protection is advised. Sea sponge included.

 2.3 oz. |  168 ml. Suitable for all skin types.

Glycerin. Curcuma longa essential oil .Anthemis nobilis essential oil, Cymbopogon martinii essential oil. Bamboo Silica. Bilberry Extract. Potato. Chamomile and Turmeric Essential Oils. Bergamot Essential Oil. Aloe Vera Juice and Jojoba Seed Oil. Aroma: Bergamot and chamomile, citrus, hay and honey. Made in the US.

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