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Sensitive & Dry Skin Treatment Kit

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The Sensitive & Dry Skin Treatment Kit from Tammy Fender replenish and revive sensitive or dry skin with a customized 3-week supply of Tammy Fender holistic formulations each designed to re-hydrate, soothe and refresh the complexion. These formulas were selected to support dry and sensitive skin, with rich nourishment and ample hydration.  Cleansing Milk - Simple and pure, this gentle blend, incorporating Lavender and Fo-Ti, easily washes away impurities and removes makeup, leaving the complexion refreshed, soft and radiant. Roman Chamomile Tonic - Tammy Fender created this soothing floral water using pure essence of Roman Chamomile, celebrated in traditional European herbalism for its capacity to calm and restore the skin with gentle hydration. Plant Milk - Nutritive, complete and balanced, Plant Milk is a unique, milky emulsion of botanical extracts, created to nurture and soothe delicate and sensitive skin with a wealth of remedies revered for their ability to calm irritation and redness. As a whole-plant formulation, it utilizes the seed, root, leaf, petal and fruit of precious and potent traditional plant remedies such as White Lily, Mountain Arnica and Milk Thistle. This silky serum is a versatile day treatment to wear under a favorite cream or on its own, imparting a dewy sheen to the skin. Spontaneous Recovery Creme - Tammy Fender created this formula using treasured remedies such as Buriti Fruit Oil and Iris Root to rehydrate the complexion with the power of some of the world’s most luxuriant moisturizers, to penetrate like an oil, and to protect the skin like a serum. She envisioned a blend that would provide maximal protection from the elements—hot, dry, cold or harsh—while sealing moisture in. Intensive Repair Balm - Tammy Fender formulated Intensive Repair Balm to treat damaged skin, blending traditional herbal remedies such as Helichrysum, White Lily and Lotus. This cream is their best-selling and most requested formula, sealing in moisture with a dewy, protective veil. Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil - This light body oil is a well-loved favorite, richly nourishing and hydrating, bringing a supple radiance and softness to the skin. Those who love this formula describe its scent of pure Lavender as clean, serene and exquisite.

Size: Cleansing Milk (1 oz), Roman Chamomile Tonic (1 oz), Plant Milk (.25 oz), Spontaneous Recovery Creme (.85 oz), Intensive Repair Balm (.85 oz),Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil (1 oz)

Made in the US.

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