Taunt Massage Candle 01

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The Taunt Massage Candle 01 from Dedcool. We encourage all to explore one's Sexuality. Embrace this sex Positive product. The sensual notes of fragrance 01 create a beautiful blend of amber, vanilla, and fresh dew that Is sweet yet subtle. It's 100% hand poured and has a cotton wick. Vegetable wax blend and free of toxic ingredients, lead, zinc, paraffin, and parabens. Buy for yourself, lovers, partners & friends.

How to use: Once candle has melted, blow out the flame & wait until wax has cooled down. When wax has cooled down, pour a small amount into hands and massage into your skin or onto your partner's during intimate moments. May also be used to scent the skin. Do not use on private parts but please do use in the privacy of your home. Always extinguish the flame before using the oil. 

Size: 9oz

Soy bean wax, soy bean oil. Imported.

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